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    Mickey Monus was a legendary innovator and controversial game-changer in the world of professional sports. More than a sports junkie, he helped create the World Basketball League (WBL), which launched the careers of 26 NBA players.  The WBL was not just a new league with height restrictions, it introduced a new way to play the game. In addition, Monus raised the profile of women's sports by bringing the LPGA tour to Youngstown. And he was one of the inaugural owners of the Colorado Rockies.  But Monus lost his fortune and his affiliation with pro sports when he went to prison. He lost his clout, credibility, and recognition as Youngstown's favorite son.

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    "The legacy of Mickey Monus, especially as it relates to the [World Basketball League], is complex. No person was more responsible for the league's existence or downfall." - Columbus Dispatch
    "Walmart founder Sam Walton once called Monus the only retailer that he feared, since he couldn't understand how Phar-Mor grew so rapidly in a short time." - ESPN
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